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Down Stacker

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Automatic Basket Down Stacker
Goods Description:Lifting stacking platform, AC Servo motor drive and control, double operating system, 4-segment structure conveyor belts, big paperboard buffering. Automatic counting, auto pile change and order change. Mechanical stacking speed up to 250m/min.

Automatic Basket Down Stacker



Automatic Basket Down Stacker NDS-D Series






Effective Width

(or to client’s request)





Economic Speed





Max. Stack Height





Standard power supply

380V 50HZ 3 Phase 4Lines

Overall power

about 35KW

Overall weight

about 10 Tons

Overall length

about 17.5m


1.        This machine is used for conveying and stacking paperboard blanks on corrugated production line, it is usually connected with ground logistics system in a box/board plant.

2.        Double operating systems (on touch-screen monitor and side-wall panel) enhance incredibly the stability and flexibility of production operation, they also bring convenience to processing and maintenance works. If needed they can be interconnected to production management system (PMS). 

3.        Application of PLC (Programmable Logical Controller) simplifies control circuit itself and increases the stability of the whole system; more over it provides wide feasibility for later upgrades.

4.        Intelligent multi conveyor sections control together the conveying of sheets; here the quick sheets flow will be delivered smoothly onto the lifting platform.

5.        Four conveyor sections are separately controlled by AC servo motor and AC servo controller. The AC servo motor and AC servo controller have high compactness with each other; they build together the main transmission mechanism of the machine. Speed of each section can be regulated independently, i.e. it can keep synchronous with the production line or run stably at preset speed relation.

6.        Lifting basket stacking type, more detailed: the AC servo controller controls the AC servo motor, which lifts the platform precisely and stably up and down. This working style ensures the fine quality of stacking.

7.        Order change and pile change without stopping the line enhance incredible the production efficiency. Its control system can connect with production management system(PMS).

8.        Intelligent maintenance reminder function can remind the relevant personnel of timely maintenance according to machine condition. In this way it holds the machine in good condition all the time.

9.        This machine provides various connecting interfaces and various upgrading modules for customer’s choice.

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