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NC Cutoff

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Automatic NC Cutoff
Goods Description:The NC cutoff is used for vertical cutting of the corrugated sheet web into blanks with wanted dimension. AC Servo control technology in our machine. Special knife shearing angles. Low energy consumption, high cutting performance, small cutting length tolerance can be restricted to ±1mm. Production speed: 200m/min

Automatic NC Cutoff

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1.        This machine is used for vertical cut-off of the corrugated sheet web into blanks in wanted dimension.

2.        Application of advanced AC servo control technology in our machine shows obvious advantages: low energy consumption, high cutting performance, small cutting length tolerance can be restricted to ±1mm.

3.        Special design and static/dynamic balance treatment of knife shaft; Carbonized, quenched, precision cut and polished alloy steel transmission gears. 

4.        Alloy helical knife cuts paperboards smoothly and neatly. Saw teeth knife is available for customer’s choice.

5.        External oil tank, active lubricating system of cutting knife and main bearings.

6.        Our operating system can save dozens of orders with different cutting length. Automatic order change is realized in our system. 

7.        Our outstanding software program makes production operating and monitoring fast and convenient. Automatic diagnosis system and intelligent maintenance management function remove the burden of complication for machine operator and maintenance technicians.

8.        Following command from production management system, this equipment can realize gapless order change in coordination with other dry end equipments.

9.        Various interfaces and modules are available for customer’s choice due to later possible upgrades.

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