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WWPE Automatic Dry-end Equipments


1.  Dry-end equipments are found behind the double facer/baker of wet-end equipments in a corrugated paperboard production line. Dry-end equipments include in sequence: rotary shear, slitter scorer, NC cutoff and stacker. Upon requirements of orders, dry-end equipments receive paperboard web coming from double facer, make scores on it, slit it longitudinally into slats, then cut the slats into blanks. Finally the blanks are conveyed to and stacked at stacker. Through integrated machine control systems or production management system, the dry-end can realize gapless order change.

2.  With advanced industrial design ideology, easily maintainable and upgradeable modules, and fine consideration of real production, each of our dry-end equipment can be invested into corrugated production line perfectly. Thus our machines can help to enhance the productivity of production line in large scale.

3.  The application of computer and network technology in our machines increases the production management efficiency and machine maintenance level of corrugated paperboard plant.

4.  Intelligent maintenance reminder function in our machines can remind the relevant personnel of timely maintenance according to machine conditions. In this way we can hold the machine in good condition all the time.

5.  In our machines various connecting interfaces and modules are provided for customer’s choice due to later upgrades.

Dry-end for Single-face Corrugator Line

Dry-end for Single-face Corrugator Line

Automatic NC Cutoff


Automatic Slitter Scorer


Lifting Slitter Scorer

Automatic Rotary Shear


Automatic Basket Down Stacker

Automatic Simple Down Stacker

Production Management System


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